Wednesday Growth Groups

Salty Sisters Women’s Growth Group
This is open to all women, all ages, all stages!! This group is lead by Shea Mask and Margie James! Our class meets on Wed. nights – we have prayer request from 6:00 – 6:30 and our Bible Study/Group Time 6:30 – 7:30. We sincerely invite you to Believe. Belong and Begin with us! We meet at the Annex House across the street from the Family Life Center.

College-Age Growth Group
This ministry is lead by Bob and Amberly Glover and all college-age people are welcome to attend! This is for all those who attend college and for those who choose to go in other directions. We invite you to come eat supper with us at 5:00. We meet in the Family Life Center and we welcome the opporunity to share in your growth with the Lord!

Sunday School

There is more than one class for any adult to choose to attend. At FBC we are continually evaluation our program. More than once each year we add a class (or classes) when our New Sunday School Class Committee sees a need. It is our desire to let Christ work through us to meet the needs of any adult who participates in Sunday School. Below is a list of the materials used in our adult classes. Master Work (Essential Messages from God’s Servants) This study is used by two of our classes for persons who range from ages of young adult to middle adult. Master Work is designed for adults who prefer deeper spiritual insight and daily personal study. Some of God’s servants who have written these studies are John MacArthur, Tony Evans, and Gary Chapman. These studies are based on content the offer pertinent, practical messages that adults will find uplifting and enriching.

Life Truths
This series is relevant for parents of school-aged children and teens. Balancing the family schedule with finding time as a couple, handling the pressures of work, and managing their finances and obligations are all areas the parents find themselves dealing with. The Life Truths study maintains a strong family focus by encouraging parents to discuss the struggles relative to their lives and continue their quest for God’s truth in a world of many expectations.

Life Values
Relevant for the “empty nest” adults, Life Values is a series where a person or couple will discover that values are found in God’s Word. This Bible study resource equips empty nesters to put into practice Biblical values at a time when fresh goals are being set for the exciting next stage of life.

Life Words
Life Words, which is relevant for adults of all ages, is designed to help adults discover and understand God’s Word. As these adults study God’s Word, they will be engaged in being, knowing, and doing all God desires for them.

Life Ventures
This resource challenges a generation already full of life’s experiences to discover new ones in their service to the Lord, and to pass on to younger generations the legacy of their faith. Through this study, adults will be involved in God inspired Bible study that results in transformed lives through practical application of Biblical truths.